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Asharq News Services

A state-of the-art multimedia financial news service production facility.
Broadcast Studio Set for news anchors with high-end cameras surrounding the center table at Ashraq News Services Dubai

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Saudi Research and Marketing Group


Clickspring Design

Our team undertook the design of an integrated multimedia financial news service production facility, comprising of 5300m2 space over four floors within Dubai International Finance Centre (DIFC). The project incorporates a newsroom studio, production studio, green screen studio, and current affairs set together with their associated control rooms. Support functions to studios are provided by edit suites, theatre screening, graphics and NOC engineering.

A section of the DIFC data centre was provided to support up to seventy data cabinets with fibre cables transmitting in excess of 1500m up to the Asharq News Services demise. Due to the complexity of the existing base build distribution system, the backup generation system backs up the whole of the tenant areas. An innovative, integrated and resilient air conditioning system serves the broadcasting studios to deal with the high cooling loads while minimising the service distribution zones and maintaining acceptable acoustic performance.

Jim Moore, Technical Director, commented "We introduced a new feature interconnecting the staircase between all floors. This cut through main beam lines within a post tension structure and required the inclusion of carbon fibre reinforcement to minimise the structural impact."

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There are incredibly complex and ICT rich data, audio and visual transmissions throughout the spaces.


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The building is provided with district cooling and plate heat exchangers.


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The secondary pumps have been transferred to the standby generator to enable continued operation in the event of a mains failure.


Richard Stratton smiling in-front of the camera with his navy blue suit at our Cundall Dubai WELL office

Richard Stratton

Partner & Managing Director, EMENA

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Through an integrated and collaborative approach with all stakeholders, the client’s vision was achieved while providing efficient, resilient engineering systems and a fast-track delivery programme.