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The Lightroom brings immersive art to London

UK and Europe 04 April 2023

The Lightroom, a spectacular five-storey venue for immersive artist-led shows, opened to the public in London’s Kings Cross in February 2023.

Up to 380 people can experience The Lightroom at one time, with large-scale projection, vast walls and a revolutionary sound system enabling viewers to experience the world through the artist’s eyes. Its first exhibition, a collaboration with renowned British artist David Hockney, is a 50-minute, audio-visual journey through the art of the renowned British artist.

Cundall has been involved in the project from the very early stages and has provided MEP, vertical transportation and acoustics services. The unique space combines visual spectacle with high-tech audio, and required careful acoustic design to prevent noise transfer to the office floor above.

Associate Director, Martin Hockey, commented: “Whilst the central show space is a huge and largely empty space, the production itself required an enormous volume of technical services. The challenge was to integrate these services in an unobtrusive way through the surrounding areas to maximise the experience for the public. This was made more difficult by the complex nature of the layouts with tight spatial constraints and split levels throughout. Detailed 3D modelling was essential to the success of this. It was fabulous to be involved in such a high-profile project and it’s great to know that it will bring pleasure to so many people.”

David Hockney: Bigger & Closer (not smaller & further away) is at The Lightroom until 4 June 2023. Visit the website for exhibition information.