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Cundall and Waterstons collaborate for smart building cyber safety

09 March 2023

The idea of a building being hacked is keeping many asset owners and facility managers awake at night. Having recently witnessed the spate of cyber-attacks in the business world, the threat landscape for the built environment is very real and present.

“Our global team works with clients who recognise the importance of smart building technologies as the enabling architecture for improving existing buildings and progressing towards an all-electric, net zero built environment,” Cundall Partner Julian Sutherland says.

"But we also know that getting cyber security settings right is essential to ensure business processes and asset performance are always protected.”

Ryan O’Kell, Head of Cyber Security at technology solutions provider Waterstons, recently scoped the Australian IP Address space, and was very quickly able to identify 5,956 Building Management Systems open to the wider internet. If just one of those is misconfigured or is missing vendor security patches, it represents an entire building’s systems can be manipulated by anyone with an internet connection anywhere in the world.

To support asset owners, FMs and building occupants in addressing the risks of cyber-attack, Cundall’s smart buildings team and Waterstons cyber security experts have created a comprehensive white paper, How Safe is Your Building? The guide explains what smart systems may be in a building, unpacks the threat landscape, red-flags vulnerabilities, and explains best practice strategies for protecting people, properties and business operations.

Download How Safe is Your Building here.