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Happy Lunar New Year 2023

Asia 11 January 2023

Cundall wishes you good luck, good health, and happiness in the Year of Rabbit.

We are very pleased to collaborate with St. James’ Settlement for another year on Chinese New Year artwork. This year we worked with St James’ Settlement’s St James’ Creation 藝想 to create the festive art piece. The Rabbit and the other Chinese New Year elements are hand-crafted by the artists at St James’ Creation using ceramics.

St. James’ Creation has been a platform for people with intellectual disabilities and autism spectrum disorder to express themselves through art since 1999. It offers opportunities such as exhibitions, workshops, and community projects, for them to grow their creative abilities and develop art as a profession. Cundall is very proud to support St. James’ Settlement and St. James’ Creation on this good cause.

Cundall Asia offices will be closed at various times to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Please find below the dates of closure for the respective offices:

Closed on Monday 23 January and Tuesday 24 January

Hong Kong
Closed from Monday 23 January to Wednesday 25 January

Closed from Monday 23 January to Sunday 5 February