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Cundall named winner at Singapore Environmental Achievement Awards 2023

Asia 28 August 2023

Marcus Kan, Cundall Singapore Managing Director, received the Merit certification for the SEAA Green Innovation Award from Grace Fu, Minister for Sustainability and the Environment of Singapore.

Marcus on stage accepting the Singapore Environmental Achievement Awards

Cundall Singapore has been recognised for our commitment to sustainable business practices, as a Merit Winner in the Green Innovation Award at the 24th Singapore Environmental Achievement Awards 2023 (SEAA), one of twelve organisations awarded for their commitment to sustainable business practices.

This is the first time Cundall has been recognised at the SEAA, one of the most prestigious environmental awards in Singapore and the region. Administered by the Singapore Environment Council, the award recognises overall environmental stewardship by organisations and is in support of the Singapore Green Plan, which seeks to rally and inspire everyone to take action towards environmental initiatives.

Marcus Kan, Singapore Managing Director comments, "Sustainability is a non-negotiable for Cundall. We are so proud to be named a winner at the SEAA. Our efforts in turning our Zero Carbon Design 2030 vision into a reality demonstrates our commitment and continuous innovation in sustainable design, governance, compliance and operations."

SEAA judges stated, “Cundall continues to lead the way as a global engineering practice, combining engineering excellence with a pioneering commitment to sustainability. Through its innovative initiatives, impressive results and transparent practices, Cundall sets the standard for the industry, inspiring others to embrace sustainable solutions in engineering and beyond.”

12 firms recognised at Singapore Environmental Achievement Awards video by CNA .