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SG Green - Existing building performance: the decarbonisation goldmine

Published on May 23, 2023


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Singapore faces unique challenges in its efforts to eliminate reliance on fossil fuels and transition to a Net Zero future due to constraints around onshore renewable energy generation capacity. As a result, decarbonising the built environment requires an integrated approach that minimises energy use.

Upgrading existing buildings is in fact a goldmine for optimising energy usage and reducing environmental impact. However, portfolio owners and asset managers often lack clarity regarding the initial steps and necessary actions to achieve energy-efficient buildings.

In this feature article published by the Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC) in its SG Green magazine, Cundall’s multidisciplinary engineering experts share strategies to improve energy performance through retrofitting existing assets.

From energy audits and Building Performance Services (BPS) to structural engineering interventions and smart building systems, the article reveals the wealth of opportunities for decarbonisation and climate change mitigation within the existing urban fabric.