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Cundall and Consolidated achieve Carbon Neutral first for cleaning services

Australia 01 May 2023

As the Australian property sector acts on the net zero imperative, managing Scope 3 (supply chain) emissions remains a major challenge. National service provider, Consolidated (Consolidated Property Services), has responded to this need by offering Australia’s first Climate Active-certified opt-in carbon neutral cleaning service for commercial buildings.

Cundall worked with Consolidated’s leadership to develop a comprehensive sustainability pathway for the company and its operations. The strategy incorporates carbon emissions auditing and attaining formal Carbon Neutral credentials via the Australian Federal Government’s Climate Active certification scheme.

“For commercial office tenants, full electrification of the premises, making the switch to green and renewable energy and managing emissions relating to business and staff travel, company events and other emissions-generating activities is now becoming standard practice,” says Madlen Jannaschk, Cundall Asia-Pacific ESG Lead.

“But emissions from goods and services procurement are much more challenging, as understanding the supply chain involves considering suppliers that are both highly visible – such as the brand of coffee in the office – and partly invisible – like the cleaners who come in after hours. So Consolidated is offering far more than an excellent property hygiene service, they also give their commercial clients clarity and visibility of that part of the asset or premises’ emissions footprint.”

Alex Alvarado, Consolidated - Sustainability Manager, says there has been a very positive response from both clients and staff.

“Our commitment to sustainability is something that our staff and management are passionate about. It shows we recognise that through our work, we have the power to make a positive change,” Alex said.

“For our clients, the Climate Active certification also shows them we are not just paying lip service to sustainability, we are taking tangible steps that have a measurable benefit. This year we plan to expand the service and offer it to our retail clients.”