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Surviving the climate crisis: How prepared is the construction industry?

Thought Leadership Webinars

Dong Chen in black jumper with office wall background

Dong Chen

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During the ICE Conference 2022, Dong Chen, Director and Desmond Lee, Senior Engineer, presented how advanced structure design can enable low embodied carbon constructions by using Structural Optimisation Parametric Modelling and CIC Carbon Assessment Tool (CAT).

The recently published IPCC AR6 report on the physical science states unequivocally that human activities have been a primary cause of the warming of our atmosphere, ocean, and land. The scale of recent changes across the climate system is also unprecedented. Faced with the imperative to achieve the worldwide objective of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, concerted mitigation efforts including a transition to clean energy, reduction of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, and reducing CO2 in the atmosphere through the restoration of the natural environment and engineering carbon capture – civil engineers can all play a part in these activities.