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Construction Industry Council (CIC) Carbon Assessment Tool Development

Cundall appointed by CIC to develop the Carbon Assessment Tool to measure embodied carbon of the built environment.
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Hong Kong, China


Construction Industry Council

As an initiative to decarbonise the built environment, the Construction Industry Council (CIC) appointed our Hong Kong sustainability experts to develop a Carbon Assessment Tool (CAT). The tool acts as an online platform for industry-wide stakeholders including developers, designers, and contractors to evaluate their project's carbon emission against the benchmark. The CAT is publicly accessible and aims to tackle the issue of embodied carbon emissions generated from built environment projects.

Our team worked closely with suppliers and academics to create a carbon factor database for over 500 construction materials. Along with the database, the CAT also compiles data from projects to create a benchmark for carbon emissions. This allows the CIC to evaluate the industry’s progress against Hong Kong’s carbon reduction targets. Users can also compare their own performance against the benchmark and work towards carbon reduction through adopting low carbon designs and construction.

"The CAT is a revolutionary tool which will be an invaluable asset to the built environment on its journey to zero carbon. This is a first important step in our ongoing advisory and engineering to decarbonise the built environment. The CAT guides us in making smarter decisions to reduce carbon emissions." Joe Tang, Director.

Key fact

CAT is a publicly accessible online tool to measure and evaluate carbon performance.


Key fact

Allows the CIC to evaluate industry progress and users to compare their carbon performance against benchmarks.


Key fact

Features a carbon factor database with over 500 construction materials to measure embodied carbon.


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Joe Tang

Director, Building Services

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The pathway to net zero is paved by information that equips everyone with facts; these facts support innovation and wise decision-making.