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PPP Webinar Series | Episode 1: Why adopt a PPP procurement pathway?


Richard Stratton smiling in-front of the camera with his navy blue suit at our Cundall Dubai WELL office

Richard Stratton

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On this PPP (Public Private Partnerships) webinar episode, we look at the benefits of adopting a PPP procurement pathway. With PPPs only recently becoming popular among the GCC nations, they offer potential economic diversity and stimulation. It is, however, essential for governments and all key stakeholders involved, to be fully aware of the best practices and main pitfalls when considering a PPP procurement route. At the first webinar, the panel consisted of PPP experts who have a combined 150 years of PPP experience around the world.

They are:
Catherine Workman, Partner, Pinsent Mason
Jim Lambrianidis, Project Director, Plenary Group
Yvon Mompeyssin, Head of Strategic Development, ENGIE
Jonathan Stewart, Head of Public Sector, Gleeds
Caimin McCabe, Director, Cundall