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Net Zero Carbon: HORIZONS

Thought Leadership Webinars

Peter Liddlein office with storage an dplanting behind

Peter Liddle

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Maria Anna smiling and looking at the camera

Dr Maria-Anna Chatzopoulou

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Junji in a shirt, tie and suit jacket, smiling to camera in front of a wooden trellis covered with greenery in the office

Junji Zhu

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Tim Stidwill in blue shirt with wooden shelfing background with plants

Tim Stidwill

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Our Critical Systems team, including Peter Liddle, Maria-Anna Chatzopoulou, Junji Zhu, Damien Dungworth, and Tim Stidwill, discuss taking steps towards net zero carbon data centres, while talking openly about the challenges the industry faces.

As we discussed during the presentation, it's our collective responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint. Therefore, we wanted to share a few tips with you on how to minimise the carbon emissions when watching videos online:

1. Lower the brightness of your device.

2. Opt for standard (SD) resolution instead of high definition (HD) when possible.

3. Close all unused tabs while watching the video to save energy.

4. Pause the video when not watching to reduce unnecessary data transfer.