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How to make any building future-fit

Published on March 02, 2022


Mathuran Marianayagam

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Illustrated cover of the 'How to make any building future-fit'

Your path to future-fit property assets starts here.

One of the crucial tasks for the net zero carbon transition is addressing the quality and performance of existing buildings. This can seem an insurmountable task from an expenses point of view – but the transition is a marathon, not a sprint. It is possible to map out a program of staged upgrades and improvements to a building that will not only reduce its emissions but also enhance the experience, comfort and wellbeing of occupants, add measurable market value and ensure the building is positioned to remain viable and valuable into the future.

The Building Fitness program developed by Cundall’s Building Performance Services experts helps you understand how to make a start, by explaining the simple steps involved in making any property future-fit, trimming waste energy use and improving operational performance. It also gives an overview of the tools, techniques and strategies involved, starting with the first step of understanding and benchmarking current performance and long-term asset management goals.

Whether you are an asset owner, facilities manager, building tenant or property fund manager, the Building Fitness Guide will help you make strategic, future-focused decisions that will ensure your buildings are in peak condition and ready for the net zero future.