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Health Check: a holistic approach to raising the performance of hospital buildings.

Published on March 28, 2024


Amin in a blue shirt and dark jacket with his hands in pockets looking to camera

Amin Azarmi

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When most of us think about controlling infection in hospital settings, soap, water and disinfectant usually spring to mind. However, the operation of the ventilation system also plays an important role in isolating high-risk areas from sterile environments such as patient recovery and surgery zones.

Creating positive and negative pressure zones through adjusting the volume of air distributed into a space is the key – and the design and retrofit of smart systems to enable those variable air volumes can also unlock opportunities to create decarbonisation pathways, improve energy efficiency and optimise thermal comfort.

Read this feature story published by AIRAH in Ecolibrium Magazine to learn more about optimising indoor environments in healthcare and eliminating the use of on-site gas combustion.