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A to Z of NZC

Published on December 11, 2023


Head and shoulders shot of Nella in London office

Nella Scott

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Prarthana Ravikumar in a white top with green glass background

Prarthana Ravikumar

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Illustration on the cover of A-Z of NZC in shades of green and blue

To demystify the language around net zero carbon and environmental, social and governance (ESG) in the built environment, Cundall’s global sustainability experts have created a glossary of terms most commonly used in our industry.

From technical terms and tools to scientific terminology, assessments and government regulation, this glossary of terms aims to help our clients and the wider industry better understand the language that is driving our ambition to create a more sustainable future for our industry.

It is part of our commitment to Zero Carbon Design 2030, and we know that if we are to succeed in our goal of achieving net zero carbon on all our projects by 2030, then we need to help our clients and the industry on the journey with us.