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Unlocking sustainable designs through digital material passports

Sustainability By Alex Mar Morales, Senior Sustainability Consultant – 31 October 2023

Collage of the digital material passport product examples


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Alex Mar Morales

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Gilles Alvarenga

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Sophie Simpson

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John McLoughlin

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As we continue our journey to net zero carbon it is clear that material passports are key. As sustainability experts we are investing in creating digital passports that provide an insight into a building’s identity. All the information gathered will be essential to minimise waste, reuse and rebuild in a more sustainable way.

Our digital passports focus on:

  • Material origin
  • Embodied carbon
  • Circularity
  • Health & wellbeing
  • Certifications

Our selected products and their digital material passports are being exhibited at BE-ST Fest 2023, the festival of the zero carbon built environment. This annual event showcases best practice, new solutions, hands-on training, and emerging opportunities for a zero carbon built environment.

These chosen products were previously exhibited as part of our Sustainnovation series.

Click through the links below to explore our highlighted products.


This material started with a vision to protect the planet and a challenge of how the polluting residue from paper and cardboard could be upgraded into something useful and valuable.

British Terrazzo

Maconda source local aggregates by upcycling construction waste and binding it with cement to create Ethical Stone Terrazzo.

Transparent Wood

Transparent wood is an eco-friendly alternative for use in engineering applications, such as transparent panels. It can be used for energy-saving purposes like heat-storage, thermal insulation and controlled use of natural light.


PaperStone® is a triple award-winning paper composite surface material made from recycled paper and a natural resin.


An acoustic spray made from outfire treated, recycled paper and other rapidly renewable natural resources.

COAT Paint

COAT paint is leading the change in the industry by offering cleaner products, ingenious solutions, and expansive visions.

Smile Plastics

Swimming in discarded plastics, we have tried to tackle the problem with recycling. However, regular plastic recycling shortens the polymer chain and degrades the resulting product.

Mosa Classics Tide

A wall tile series that combines vibrant warmth and textural appeal, typically associated with artisanal tiles, while keeping a contemporary look.