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Digital material passports - COAT paint

Sustainability By Alex Mar Morales, Senior Sustainability Consultant – 31 October 2023

Collage of COAT paint supplies and paint swatches


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Alex Mar Morales

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Gilles Alvarenga

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This is part of the 'Unlocking sustainable designs through digital material passports' exhibited at The Summit — BE-ST Fest '23.

COAT paint is leading the change in the industry by offering cleaner products, ingenious solutions, and expansive visions.

Holding B Corp Certification, COAT crafts paints from premier raw materials – rich pigments, superior resin, and top-tier titanium dioxide – a recipe for exceptional quality. Free from subpar fillers that taint others, COAT paints shine.

Unveiling eco-feats: Ultra-Low Carbon Footprint verified by LCA, Carbon Jacked’s Climate Positivity, and B Corp recognition. Water-based, low-VOC formulas sourced sustainably within the UK, wrapped in 100% recycled packaging. Even swatches are intelligent, curbing waste - 95% less waste than paint testers Carbon Neutral deliveries 360-degree paint recycling programme. With COAT, every stroke is progress toward a greener tomorrow.


Product Name: COAT Paint

Product Site: Climate Positive Paint | High-Grade Interior & Exterior Paint | COAT – COAT Paints


Material Origin

  • Raw Material Sourced:
    United Kingdom
  • Manufacture Site:
    Surrey, UK
  • Biogenic Content (i.e. natural material content/sequestered carbon info):
  • Recycled Content:

Embodied Carbon

  • Embodied Carbon Value:
    Upfront Embodied Carbon: 0.29 kgCO2e/m2

    Biogenic Carbon: -0.0233 kgCO2e/m3

    Product Lifecycle Embodied Carbon: 0.29 kgCO2e/m2

    Life Span: 10 years

    Product EPD is available online

Circularity, to cover aspects like:

  • Takeback schemes:
    COAT Recycling Scheme for unused paint
  • Reuse Potential:
  • Warranties:
    Not Specified

Health & Wellbeing

  • Material Emissions:
    Minimal VOC Emissions (Self-declared)
  • Material Content:
    Minimal VOC Content (Self-declared)
  • Ingredient Transparency:
    Disclosed ingredients: Binder, Pigment/Filler, Water and Additives (Self-declared)
  • Hazardous Materials:
    None found (Self-declared)


  • Certified B Corp
  • Carbon Jacked, Verified Climate Action
  • Ecovadis Gold Certified and ISO14001 / 19001 Certified

What is a digital material passport?

A material passport is a digital document listing all the materials that are included in a product or construction during its life cycle in order to facilitate circularity decisions in supply chain management at the end of the building life.

At Cundall, we want to create a passport for materials and products that will also provide information before its use, so designers and contractors have a better understanding of the materials and their impact on the embodied carbon and health well-being of a project, facilitating the inclusion of the best low carbon and healthy materials that align with their design.