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Sustainnovation - Obscure lampshades

Sustainnovation By Sophie Simpson, Associate Engineer, Sustainability – 20 July 2022

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Sophie Simpson

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This blog is part of our Sustainnovation series.

Sustainnovation is an exhibition (both physical and digital) of some of the most sustainable and innovative products coming onto the market at the moment. Our engineers and designers have carefully selected products that they feel will help us, and the planet, achieve our sustainable goals.

Obscure lampshades

Made of organic refuse biocompound (Orb), this collection of handmade lampshades are 100% natural, cold-compostable and remanufacturable. They demonstrate an intelligent, material-driven, circular and zero-waste approach to design.

These lampshades began their life as the peels of oranges after they had been juiced, or the chaff of coffee beans after they had been roasted. The natural materials are then mixed with Biohm’s unique organic binder to create Orb, a material that can be shaped to any form.

Each lampshade is made to order, unique, and captures 1.5kg of carbon. Biohm’s production process is completely closed-loop, which means that there are no waste streams or by-products created as a result of this hyper-localised approach to production.

Samples of these obscure lampshades are currently on display in our Edinburgh office.

Manufacturers: Biohm - London, UK

Biohm is a multi-award-winning research and development led, biomanufacturing company. Nature leads their innovation, with the aim to revolutionise construction and create a healthier, more sustainable, built environment. To create their products, Biohm focuses on finding regenerative alternatives for waste management, manufacturing and building. Their philosophy that nothing is ever-lasting and everything is ever-changing is instilled in everything they do.

For more information on the material and use, please see the Biohm website here.

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