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Sustainnovation - LightFi

Sustainnovation By Sophie Simpson, Associate Engineer, Sustainability – 20 July 2022

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Sophie Simpson

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This blog is part of our Sustainnovation series.

Sustainnovation is an exhibition (both physical and digital) of some of the most sustainable and innovative products coming onto the market at the moment. Our engineers and designers have carefully selected products that they feel will help us, and the planet, achieve our sustainable goals.

LightFi Sensors

The IAQ sensors made by LightFi measure indoor conditions such as carbon dioxide, air pollution, temperature, humidity and occupancy. All these factors play a significant role in improving health and wellbeing in the workplace, and subsequently productivity. Having an IAQ sensor in the office space minimises risk of high levels of CO2. Readings indicating air pollution or increased CO2 would trigger a need to improve ventilation or utilise targeted filtration.

Good health and wellbeing are part of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals that cannot be ignored. As an employer, it should be a responsibility to invest in products/spaces to ensure employees' health and wellbeing is taken care of. On average, people spend eight hours a day in the office – the quality of air surrounding them for such a large portion of their day will impact their overall health. IAQ sensors generate awareness of unsuitable air quality that building management can then act on, and while also providing key data to feed into post occupancy evaluations.

Most Cundall offices are equipped with an IAQ sensor. From our own investigations, we have found how improved quality of indoor environment can lead to increased productivity.

A selection of LightFi sensors are currently on display in our Edinburgh office.

Manufacturers: LightFi - London, UK

LightFi was founded by two friends who met at Imperial College, Alex and Matt. They held a desire to create a product that transforms the way we use energy. While they initially started with sensors to control light levels, they used the same technology to monitor other aspects of building management, leading to the development of their IAQ sensors. LightFi’s office uses 100% renewable energy, and the owners are really pushing the limits to reduce carbon emissions on an individual and organisational level.

For more information on LightFi and their products, please see their website here.

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