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Pedestrian modelling of a city centre with buildings and streets

Pedestrian Modelling

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Pedestrian modelling assesses people’s movement and walking behaviour in public spaces, buildings and infrastructure, aiming at providing an optimised walking environment, around or inside a building.

Pedestrian simulation considers how pedestrians move, react, and respond to the built environment, in order to create safe and efficient environments with minimum redesign.

We apply the pedestrian modelling analysis in the design of pedestrian spaces and facilities, including for urban and construction planning, crowd control and event management scenarios, pedestrian safety planning, evacuation measures, and numerous other applications aimed at ensuring a smooth flow of pedestrians.

Alongside simulating pedestrians, we integrate this service with the simulation of all transport modes to provide an overall assessment of indoor and outdoor spaces. We can model the interaction of all modes, including public transport, cyclists and pedestrians simulation to review the overall operation of a localised area or wider transport network.

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Valeria Riso smiling towards the camera in a red top against a blurred background of the London office

Valeria Riso

Director of Transportation


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By assessing people’s movement and walking behaviour, we can ensure every project is designed for convenience, comfort, safety, and security.