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Chrisp Street façade with street scape and external infrastructure

Tall Buildings

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We design and engineer innovative, commercially viable tall buildings, providing healthy, sustainable residential spaces with minimal environmental impact.

Tall buildings play an important part in the regeneration and densification of our cities. To build an effective, viable tall building, the design has to be optimal from the very start. Our multi-disciplinary team works with clients through the feasibility, design and construction stages to ensure that every part of our project is optimised.

The success of tall building projects is down to understanding the requirements of our clients and finding the right balance between revenues and costs. We achieve this balance by working closely with the architect, carefully considering quality, efficiency, the local context and key metrics for an efficient design.

City densification through tall building developments helps residents to reduce their carbon footprints and communities to move toward net zero operations. We support this by creating vibrant communities where people want to live, work and play.

Chrisp Street
Chrisp Street at sunset with tall building façade to the right and landscape and city to the left

Key contact

Alex Carter in shirt with office interior background with glass feature

Alex Carter

Partner, Structural Engineering


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We understand the complexities of high rise design and the importance of weaving multiple influences into the design from inception. The key to a truly optimal design and efficient construction relies on this early stage design expertise being actively deployed.