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Twenty Seven Vivid Sydney 2022

A dynamic and sculptural light installation that showcases the spectrum of human emotions and celebrates community resilience

Futuristic light installation in bright Sydney Harbour

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Sydney, Australia


Vivid Sydney

Destination New South Wales



Vivid Sydney is an annual event that turns the CBD and the harbourside into a vibrant showcase of art, music, cuisine and, above all, light in all its dimensions. The 2022 event signalled a post-pandemic lockdown revival of the life of the urban community and the sense of belonging that is nurtured by shared public event experiences.

Our artwork, Twenty Seven, gives form to the range of emotions experienced by the human heart. These feelings were acutely encountered during the pandemic, and through articulating them in light, word and 3D-printed pillars, there is a cathartic recognition of our shared humanity.

The journey of changing habits, giving each other space and learning to smile with our eyes behind masks or connect via the virtual world was transformative. We emerge from this time with a renewed appreciation for each other and for events that brings us together. Seeing our pandemic emotions articulated and reflected in changing light is both liberating and comforting.

Key fact

The 3D-printed pillars each represent a word – LOCAL, FAMILY and CONNECT.


Key fact

The first letter of each word was reproduced through code into a Voronoi pattern that formed the template for the 3D printing.


Key fact

We collaborated closely – and virtually – with LiteSource and Controls to achieve a dynamic lighting effect.


Bettina Easton in middle of park with blurred grass and small trees in background

Bettina Easton

Associate, Lighting Design

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As designers, the way in which light affects and reflects emotions, and how humans respond to light, is fundamental to everything we do.