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Kangaroo Island Airport Upgrade

Upgrading Kangaroo Island terminal and runway to support sustainable tourism.
Exterior shot of Kangaroo Airport upgrade building at dusk

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Kangaroo Island, SA, Australia


Kangaroo Island Council


Ashley Halliday Architects

Located off the coast of South Australia, Kangaroo Island is renowned for its wilderness and ecotourism experiences. The Airport is one of only two major points of access to the island and is crucial to tourism and economic growth. The upgrade provides visitors and locals with a new retail area, lounges, improved security and improved baggage handling facilities.

Cundall developed sustainability guidelines, performance reporting and energy, thermal and water efficiency benchmarking requirements for the project. Our team was responsible for driving sustainable outcomes across all design and delivery disciplines. Sustainability initiatives include on-site solar PV, operable façades to enable the building to make maximum use of natural light and ventilation and a focus on locally sourced sustainable materials.

Binaya Karki, Associate Director, commented, "Renowned for its national parks, wildlife, pristine beaches and local produce, Kangaroo Island is a fantastic destination in SA. We’re very proud to have been able to contribute to a sustainable airport terminal design that will ensure continued success of tourism and operations on the island."

Key fact

The upgraded airport can operate in 'island mode', an independent of grid energy, when required.


Key fact

Passive design measures including thermal mass and operable façades reduce the need for mechanical air conditioning for a significant part of the year.


Key fact

Controls on building systems enable HVAC timing to match arrival and departure times for flights, further saving energy use.


A sustainable airport means visitors begin the ecotourism experience the moment arrive at Kangaroo Island.