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Jurong Data Centre

Newly upgraded data centre in Singapore’s International Business Park spanning across six floors.

Jurong Data Centre, Singapore

External view of six-storey data centre featuring tinted glass panels and surrounded by grassy fields




Digital Realty


Located in the west of Singapore, Jurong Data Centre offers 34,000sqm of space spanning across six floors. The Tier III+ architecture and upgraded infrastructure supports 30MW of power. Not only does this future-proof projected load growth, it also provides a significant level of flexibility to Digital Realty's corporate, colocation, and cloud-based customers.

Cundall provided strategic advice to the client by designing the upgrade and expansion of the chiller and DRUPS systems. To match projected load growth, we implemented an electrical and continuous cooling back-up power solution and additional plant to the building infrastructure. Our 3D Revit building model was undertaken in unison with a comprehensive FluidFlow+CFD study to forecast potential failure scenarios and maximise operational resilience.

"We worked closely with the client throughout the expansion process to deliver our engineering expertise while observing technical due diligence. This involved coordinating with the client on-site during the fit-out process and conducting an electrical discrimination study as a precautionary safety measure of the intended upgrades." Marcus Eckersley, Director.

Key fact

Tier III+ architecture featuring 34,000 sqm of data centre space and 30MW of power.


Key fact

Continuous cooling architecture to ensure uninterrupted use / prevent delays of data centre.


Key fact

3D Revit building model and a comprehensive FluidFlow+CFD study maximise operational resilience.


Critical facilities like data centres require a pure focus on engineering for technical and operational efficiency, reliability and security.