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Energy Pods

The Department for Education has committed to delivering a Net Zero Carbon school estate by 2050.

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Department for Education



Considering the scale of the existing estate, the role of retrofit and refurbishment in achieving this goal can’t be understated. The Energy Pods project has developed a strategic approach to central plant replacement. The traditional approach involves the like for like replacement of boiler plant, which offers no opportunity for upfront decarbonisation and ties school sites to fossil fuels for a long period of time.

The energy pod approach complements the traditional boiler replacement with the simultaneous installation of low-zero carbon technologies, which primarily includes air and water source heat pumps.

“Cundall was engaged to deliver the mechanical and electrical services as well as fire engineering design. We were also engaged to provide advice on sustainability and energy matters and undertake Whole Life Cycle Assessments.” Ian Keeling, Principal Engineer.

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The multi-technological approach enables maximum upfront de-carbonisation of heat and hot water. It also promotes further decarbonisation through fabric efficiency interventions.