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Lift consultancy for easyHotel developments

Red brick exterior of easyHotel with large glass windows. White sign with black text saying 'easyHotel'.


Various, United Kingdom




Axiom Architects

easyHotel is an international hotel chain with over 40 locations across Europe. Cundall has worked with the design team on several new hotels, including Leeds, Sheffield, London, Oxford, Cardiff, Milton Keynes, Manchester, and Dublin. We provided full lift consultancy design, construction monitoring, inspection, and 12 months of defects period support.

Our Vertical Transportation team has created new brand standards for lifts, applying to easyHotel’s properties and franchises. The goal was to have consistency throughout their portfolio. Accessibility is another important aspect; we ensured all lifts complied with the latest standards. We have also surveyed and assessed their existing hotel lift stock to help with 10 years of future lifecycle planning.

Graham Barker, Partner, commented, “In line with Cundall’s sustainability values, LED lighting and low energy drive systems were implemented throughout development to help reduce energy usage.”

Key fact

Because the majority of the lifts are in existing buildings, our designs had to work within structural constraints.


Graham in an open collar shirt and suit jacket against a dark wall

Graham Barker

Partner, Vertical Transportation

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It was a fantastic experience for Cundall’s Vertical Transportation team to work with easyHotel on their UK and Ireland hotel portfolio expansion. The process was collaborative through final completion and has resulted in safe working lifts.