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Tomás Neeson

Chairman and Partner, Building Services

Tomas Neeson standing in a meeting looking at people

My passion for the built environment began as soon as I could walk, as my father was a building contractor and evenings, weekends and holidays were spent helping him build houses. Throughout my career, being able to create spaces for people has always been the real reward for all projects I've worked on. This has been expanded in my time at Cundall, where I've found that working in teams enables us to do so much more of this. I started out as a graduate at Cundall, so I have been able to experience and enjoy many roles within the practice. Since 2014, I have been Managing Partner, working with everyone in the global practice, leading the management team and developing the business so many more can share in our passion for the built environment.


It’s all about the people. From my earliest days, I’ve understood that great teams are what enable and deliver great projects, and our recent lockdown experiences have only reinforced that belief. Working in an engineering discipline that is at the heart of delivering sustainable solutions is as rewarding as it is important. For me, the greatest reward of all is in providing opportunities for new generations of engineers to get involved in our future.


Engineering is not about following the rules - it’s about working out what to do when the rules don’t fit. Over my career, I have enjoyed the continual challenge of coming up with new solutions to problems and working these through with very creative and inspiring individuals. One of my key motivators is tapping into the creative potential of all our people and finding ways to share this knowledge for the benefit of all those we work with.

Tomas Neeson in office reception with wooden panelling and green wall background

Tomás Neeson

Chairman and Partner, Building Services


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