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Lewis Hewton

Principal Consultant, Sustainability

Lewis Hewton with colleagues discussing project at desk with computer

Using my foundation in mechanical engineering, I joined Cundall in 2008 to focus on the developing fields of building physics and building analytics. I use my certified Measurement and Verification Professional training to fully understand project objectives and verify outcomes. My involvement in the sustainability industry over the years has been recognised by the GBCA in my appointment as a Green Star Assessor.


As developments in the construction industry are seeing timeframes and programmes compress, the importance of collaboration, coordination and communication has never been more critical. My contribution to addressing this has been the development of digital tools and workflows. These solutions are enabling us to deeply embed sustainable outcomes from the earliest stages of the project life cycle.

Engineering excellence

Innovative and sustainable design initiatives are often the first items to scale back on the value management agenda. This is where our digital engineering approach enables full life cycle outcome and cost scenarios to be explored. The result is that design decisions can be rapidly contextualised, providing the basis for sound economic, environmental and health outcomes.

Lewis Hewton in park with green leaves lit by sun in the background

Lewis Hewton

Principal Consultant, Sustainability


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