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Kevin McGee

Associate Director, Geoenvironmental

Kevin sat at a desk with his hands interlinked

I was inspired by some simple words from my dad; ‘you should study something to do with the environment. I think that will be a big issue your generation will need to fix.’ I went on to read Environmental Science at university and subsequently became a Chartered Environmental Scientist. After 12 years in the ground engineering contracting sector, I joined Cundall in 2013 and now lead the geoenvironmental offer.


Being part of a global team, I find that there is always someone who has the missing piece of the puzzle (irrespective of time zone!). I'm often inspired by those I don’t have routine contact with. They so often have thoughts and ideas beyond my own experience that it helps me develop new and unique solutions to engineering challenges.


We look beyond the borders of our work. During every project, we don’t just focus on specific project design, we also consider the environmental and social impact of what we do. We often consider how we can positively influence design and delivery at all stages, both within and beyond the practice boundaries. Therefore, we are always engaged, always learning and always progressing.

Kevin smiling in a white shirt and suit jacket

Kevin McGee

Associate Director, Geoenvironmental


+44 (0)191 213 1515

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