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Kevin Hayes

Partner, Building Services

Kevin Hayes in meeting with window behind with trees in

My engineering journey started with a desire to use building design to affect change in the environment and shape how we work. My early involvement in some amazing projects (including the Channel 4 headquarters, operational studios for BSkyB, and the British Embassy in Moscow) confirmed the need to innovate. From education and teaching through to leading complex, multi-disciplinary teams, I have remained people-focused and emphasised collaboration and working to a common goal. This has resulted in truly integrated solutions and fantastic spaces, designed for clients all over the world.


I’m passionate about working with people, supporting, and nurturing talent and delivering inclusive leadership and an environment where everyone has a voice. This leads to a creative culture that drives collaboration and the combined thinking of teams, which will always lead to improvement.


I am naturally driven and always looking for ways to enhance our offering and provide the best possible outcomes for both our staff and our global client base. Collaboration in any form provides amazing opportunities for our communities and helps drive innovation through our projects and supports our culture of togetherness.

Kevin Hayes in a dark suit jacket sitting in front of a marble wall

Kevin Hayes

Partner, Building Services


+44 (0)20 7438 1600

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