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Horia Iliescu

Director, Building Services

Horia sat in a yellow chair with his legs crossed wearing jeans and a pale blue shirt

I studied building services engineering at the Faculty of Building Services Engineering in Bucharest, followed by a Masters in thermal modelling of buildings. My interest in finding new and efficient ways of modelling the internal conditions in buildings in relation to the outside factors has driven me to become a mechanical engineer. I am currently a member of the FEANI Institute of Engineers and have been involved in a variety of seminars and conferences.

Creativity through engineering

Creativity through engineering is the reason I became an engineer. I have always been fascinated by different methods of designing a building and the creativity it requires. Since working at Cundall, I’ve been actively involved in digital engineering with its tools like parametric modelling or Revit - tools that help us deliver more efficiently and at a higher pace than ever before.


Collaboration is a key aspect at Cundall, and especially for me and my team here in Bucharest. By being involved in multiple international projects (and working with many of our global offices), I have been exposed to invaluable knowledge that has allowed me to better understand different methods of designing. All that information allowed me to propose new, innovative engineering solutions for our clients and assist them in creating sustainable, future-proof buildings.

Horia stood wearing a blue open collared shirt stood in an open plan office

Horia Iliescu

Director, Building Services


+40 (0)21 230 6068

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