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Gary Rollison

Partner, Structural Engineering

Gary Rollison in meeting with colleague looking at a laptop and sitting at a desk

My passion for structural engineering came at a young age, stemming from a desire to understand how things were made and built. After 40 years in the industry, I still derive enormous satisfaction from delivering projects in an open and friendly way, and always with a ‘can do’ approach. This has given me the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects across all sectors (throughout the UK and internationally), building a loyal client base.

Engineering excellence

My keen knowledge of structural engineering has been recognised through my invited authoring of the ICE Manual of 'Structural Design Chapter 8: Typical design considerations for generic building types'. My aim is always to ensure that my clients gain from my experience and knowledge with out-of-the-box creative thinking - pushing the boundaries but never crossing.


I believe that collaboration is the key to a successful project for all involved, and ultimately in our clients. Working with people who enjoy working with you enables a more straightforward pathway through the design and construction process to smoothly manage invariable risks and challenges that development brings – collaboration is essential to this.

Gary Rollison sitting on sofa arm with marble background

Gary Rollison

Partner, Structural Engineering


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