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Duncan Cox

Partner, Structural Engineering

Duncan Cox sat at a desk

My love for the sciences and curiosity about how things work led me to choose engineering as a career. However, my decision to specialise in structural engineering was not made until my final year at Durham University. This decision was fuelled by my desire to create something that would last. I continue to invest my time in deepening my understanding of engineering and sustainability in its widest context and was proud to be in the first cohort of graduates from the Cundall Sustainability Diploma.


When we work together, we achieve more. It is great to see what we can accomplish when different experts contribute to a combined solution in the spaces in between. For example, the great work that happens when our digital teams work with our structural and sustainability teams to deliver excellent solutions.


I have always enjoyed solving problems for my clients. I find that the best engineering solutions are achieved by taking a step back and understanding the wider context, which can give you solutions that apply to all aspects of development - not just engineering.

Duncan Cox stood in front of a green plant wall

Duncan Cox

Partner, Structural Engineering

Hong Kong

+852 2688 2318

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