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UKGBC Whole Life Carbon Roadmap Consultation

UK and Europe 04 August 2021

The UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) launched last week a consultation inviting industry feedback on the Whole Life Carbon draft version of the Roadmap.

These proposals have been drafted over the last four months by four Task Groups and a Steering Group, comprised of over 90 experts from across the industry, including Cundall’s Jennifer Elias, Sarah Linnell and Richard Twinn.

The primary aim of the Roadmap is to provide a common vision and agreed actions for achieving net zero carbon in the construction, operation and demolition of buildings and infrastructure. The proposals will be consensus-led, and as part of their development an industry consultation has been launched.

With COP26 around the corner, involvement in this project has been pivotal for Cundall in fulfilling its commitment to helping the whole industry achieve its net zero carbon ambitions. Sarah and Jennifer share their expertise in the New Build Residential and Commercial Retrofit task force, while Richard Twinn plays a role in the Steering Group.

Commenting on her ‘Next Generation’ position in the New Build Residential Task Group, Sarah Linnell, Sustainability Engineer, said:

“Getting involved in the task force has been nothing short of rewarding – both in terms of the positive impact I have been able to contribute to delivery of a net zero build environment, and the exposure I’ve had to conversations between industry experts around the intricacies of reducing whole life carbon. The journey started at the end of March with the Task Groups working on a carbon trajectory model projecting where we might be by 2050 under current policies and guidance. Essentially, the Roadmap proposes practical recommendations and action plans for key stakeholders which would accelerate decarbonising the built environment sector. I’ve really enjoyed being able to contribute my ideas into this.”

For more information on the UKGBC Whole Life Carbon Roadmap consultation click here.