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Trillium Pavilion at the London Festival of Architecture

UK and Europe 25 June 2024

As part of the London Festival of Architecture, we are thrilled to announce our involvement in one of the festival's projects—the Trillium Pavilion. Unveiled during the University of East London (UEL) end of the year show for Architecture and Visual Arts (AVA) students, this pavilion exemplifies the power of collaboration between academia and industry.

Our structural engineering team at worked closely with UEL faculty and students, to bring the design of the Trillium pavilion to life. The pavilion is a reciprocal timber structure which in its entirety was fabricated in-house at the university. The UEL workshops, UEL team and architecture students, all came together to fabricate and erect the structure.

As part of our collaboration with the university, Vera Sehlstedt, Structural Engineer, and Brian Andersson, Civil/Structural Engineer - Industrial Placement, provided technical tutoring to architecture students on a weekly basis, focusing on the structural engineering aspects of their architecture projects. This tutoring has been delivered across four different architecture units, which cover key areas such as sustainability, circular economy, refurbishment and social wellbeing, ensuring that students are equipped with the knowledge and skills to address contemporary architectural challenges.

Vera Sehlstedt commented: “We are proud to contribute to the London Festival of Architecture and to support educational initiatives that foster innovation and sustainable design. The Trillium pavilion stands as a testament to the success of our collaborative efforts.”

Visit the pavilion during the London Festival of Architecture until 30 June at the UEL Docklands campus.