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Cundall Australia says “YES” to Voice to Parliament

Australia 21 September 2023

There are times when a business must publicly stand by its ethical convictions. The upcoming Referendum in Australia on amending the Constitution to enshrine an Indigenous Voice to Parliament as part of the national governance architecture is one of those moments.

Cundall Australia therefore is proud to stand with Reconciliation Australia, many of our clients and industry organisations including the Australian Institute of Architects and Engineers Australia and say a wholehearted “Yes” to the Voice.

“As engineers and sustainability experts, we recognise that the First Nations of Australia are custodians of world’s oldest, continuous scientific and environmental stewardship traditions. There is so much to be learned – but there is also a need to redress the historical legacy of silencing and marginalisation of First Nations peoples and knowledge,” says Julian Bott, Cundall APAC Managing Director.

“The Voice is a step towards fairness and inclusion, and these are values we are committed to at Cundall.”

Chair of Cundall’s Reconciliation Action Committee, Natalie Cahill, says that supporting the Uluru Statement is a fundamental part of the company’s Reconciliation Action Plan.

“The Uluru Statement respectfully asked for Voice, Treaty and Truth to enable First Nations peoples and the wider Australian community to come together and walk forward,” she said.

“Ensuring the Voice becomes part of the Australian Constitution is an essential first step on this journey.”

Find out more about the Voice and the Uluru Statement here.

Read Cundall’s Reconciliation Action Plan here.