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BCO launches Northern Ireland chapter

UK and Europe 12 May 2023

The British Council for Offices (BCO) launched its new Northern Ireland chapter with a talk and tour of BT’s Riverside House in Belfast on 20 April 2023.

Peter Stocks, Cundall Partner and Claire Danahay of Be Inspired Design then gave a talk on the BCO’s new Specification Guidance, which focuses on responses to challenges emerging from the pandemic and recommendations in respect of greener and healthier offices.

In addition to Cundall, the event was sponsored by TODD Architects, GRAHAM, and Faithful & Gould, who were all involved in the Riverside House project.

Cundall’s Associate Director and member of the BCO NI Chapter, Ruairi Dempsey said: “The workplace is changing in how we work, where we work and how we collaborate. It is critical that the modern office and workplace environment keeps pace with the needs of both businesses and employees or it faces being left behind and out of the race.

“BCO strives to set those standards through the research and publication of best practice guidance for office development fit-out. Coupled with the necessity to minimise and manage the whole-life impacts of carbon, and optimise energy consumption within building construction and operation, our industry faces crucial challenges in the immediate future. Key to overcoming these challenges whilst also implementing best practice, is thorough, clear, and comprehensive communication of the context, challenges, opportunities, and potential solutions. Events like the inaugural BCO NI event at BT Riverside, where great speakers shared their experiences in best-in-class surroundings, are key to the success of the entire industry.”