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Decarbonisation: What It Means to MEP Specialists

Published on January 02, 2024


Joe Tang in a grey suit and pale shirt with blurred green park background

Joe Tang

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Head and Shoulders shot of Marcus wearing glasses sitting in front of plants

Marcus Kan

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Front cover of article building with solar panels on the roof surrounded by nature

MEP plays a major role in tackling carbon emissions in the built environment. In this interview article originally published in the Southeast Asia Building (SEAB), Marcus Kan and Joe Tang share their thoughts on how the MEP industry can play its part in the race to net zero and the type of skills that the industry professionals need to develop for future challenges.

Considerations such as the design and equipment specification, needs of human occupants, the infrastructure and the current technology that can support the building, as well as the building’s end of life decommissioning, are crucial for MEP engineers to consider when it comes to decarbonising the built environment.

Cundall has pledged to achieving net zero carbon on all global projects by 2030. This is part of the practice's effort to decarbonise the built environment and recognises the critical need for practical, science-led action to transition all buildings, infrastructure and human settlements to net zero.

The full interview can be downloaded in the link below.