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UKREiiF - We have set our net zero targets, now how the hell do we get there?

The journey from target setting to fully realising our net zero carbon ambitions.

Panel discussion

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17 May 2023
15:15 - 16:15 London
UKREiiF, Industry in Focus
Royal Armouries Leeds & Leeds Dock
LS10 1LT

We’ve set our net zero carbon targets and pathways, but the real challenge now is how to turn our ambitions into reality. We will be joined by a cross-industry panel to discuss and learn from the experiences of a portfolio investor, a real estate owner and a local authority on the next steps.

They have all set themselves challenging net zero carbon targets as they transition from initial intent to delivery and achievement. But the journey is not as simple as it was on paper.

The session will be chaired by Robin Pritchett, who will also provide insight into Cundall’s own process, the lessons learned from working with clients and what success can look like. We will be joined by Rachel Purdon, Head of Sustainability at Kew Gardens, Hannah Draisey, Campaign Manager at Climate Group, Paul Stewart, Head of Property at Newcastle City Council, and Brett Ormrod, European Net Zero Carbon lead at LaSelle.


Head and sholders in Robin standing in the London office

Robin Pritchett

Associate Director, Head of Building Performance UK


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