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Retrofitting the Built Environment towards Net Zero - the Decarbonisation Goldmine

Industry experts discuss how retrofitting is key to decarbonising the APAC region at a seminar co-organised by Cundall and Singapore Green Building Council.


Night time shot of singapore including high rise buildings a bridge over the river and the merlion on the left hand side
20 April 2023
14:30 - 18:00 Singapore
Capital Tower, 168 Robinson Road
Level 9, Big Picture

To meet Singapore’s Net Zero emissions target by 2050, eliminating reliance on fossil fuels as an energy source is essential. However, Singapore faces constraints around renewable energy generation capacity, making full electrification of all existing assets a challenge.

Join us at the seminar co-organised by Cundall and Singapore Green Building Council to learn about the net zero carbon challenges in APAC and how retrofitting the built environment presents a vast opportunity for decarbonisation in the region.

Oliver Grimaldi, Sustainability Associate Director at Cundall, Joy Gai, Asia Pacific Programmes Head at World Green Building Council, and Ted Howland, Group Sustainability Vice President at CapitaLand Investment will present case studies and examples of the retrofit process for existing buildings and share their unique perspectives in a panel discussion. Participants will hear about the futureproofing strategies that asset owners can adopt to create not only substantial progress towards the net zero emissions goal but also protect real estate assets against climate change.


Oliver Grimaldi in suit in front of office entrance glass doors

Oliver Grimaldi

Associate Director, Sustainability

Head and sholders shot of Jo wearing a pale pink dressagainst a background of greenery

Joy Gai

Asia Pacific Programmes Head, World Green Building Council

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