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Lighting up retail sustainability

Sustainability By Pete Shing, Principal, Lighting Design – 17 November 2021

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Pete Shing

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Designing effective lighting for retail stores is not just about lighting up the products or services and telling people that the store is open for business. It should instead be a powerful tool to enhance the brand’s identity and customers’ shopping experience.

Since 2016, Cundall’s light design team has been partnering with a luxury retail brand and has successfully delivered several lighting approaches and designs which have been recognised for their beauty in stores across the Asia Pacific region. The designs were positively received because they enhance the brand’s perception as well as their product appeal. What we offered went beyond applying the key considerations raised by different stakeholders, but also implemented our extensive knowledge of light planning, light fitting, as well as an understanding of the retail space’s interior and the brand’s value. This year, Cundall has established a new standard for the luxury brand’s beauty stores by combining the latest technology and products, driving the same lighting result with 15% energy savings. We offered a more effective guide for this brand to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and making efforts to be more environmentally conscious.

E-commerce has grown rapidly in the past few years and online shopping is now an integral part of people’s daily routines.

Given these trends, we have seen an increase in clients willing to spend more resource on their bricks-and-mortar stores to build their brand identity and offer a unique shopping experience to their customers. No matter how shopping patterns change in the future, luxury brands will still maintain their bricks-and-mortar stores as part of their customer experience. However, the key consideration will be how to keep the stores’ design stylish yet sustainable. This is something that everyone in this circular economy must tackle.