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Digital material passports - Timber Terrazzo

Sustainability By Alex Mar Morales, Senior Consultant, Sustainability – 01 January 2024


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Alex Mar Morales

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Terrazzo made from offcut timber from unavoidable sources, for use in everyday surfaces and furniture.

Offcut timber, wood dust and mineral powders which form the majority of the material inputs for Timber Terrazzo are sourced from unavoidable waste that is typically impractical to recycle, particularly for small businesses. This ensures that the process does not detract from existing recycling efforts and creates a truly circular economy.


Product Name:
Timber Terrazzo

Product Site:
Features & Benefits Foresso


Material Origin

  • Raw Material Sourced:
    UK and EU
  • Manufacture Site:
    Birmingham, UK
  • Biogenic Content (i.e. natural material content/sequestered carbon info):
    0% VOC Bio-based Epoxy Resin - 34%
    Biological Content
    Pigment - 98% Biological Content
  • Recycled Content:

Embodied Carbon

  • Embodied Carbon Value:
    Not specified

No EPD available


  • Takeback schemes:
    Foresso can be returned for reuse and recycling at end of life.
  • Reuse Potential:
    Every piece of material no longer needed can be ground up and used in future batches so that none goes to waste.
  • Warranties:
    Not specified

Health & Wellbeing

  • Material Emissions:
    Minimal VOC Emissions
  • Material Content:
    Minimal VOC Content
  • Ingredient Transparency: Disclosed ingredients/composition:
    End-grain Wood Chips, Wood Dust/Planing Waste, Mineral Powders, 0% VOC Bio-based Epoxy Resin, Pigment, BB/BB Birch Plywood, Standard Hardwax Oil Finish (Self-declared)
  • Hazardous Materials:
    None found


  • FSC certified BB/BB Birch Plywood
  • Class 2 Fire Rating
  • R12 & R10 Slip Rating
  • ISO 9001:2015 (certification for the company)

What is a digital material passport?

A material passport is a digital document listing all the materials that are included in a product or construction during its life cycle in order to facilitate circularity decisions in supply chain management at the end of the building life.

At Cundall, we want to create a passport to materials/products that will also provide information before its use so designers and contractors are capable of making conscious decisions of products that could affect the embodied carbon and health well-being of a project, facilitating the inclusion of the best low carbon and/ healthy materials that align with their design.