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Celebrating Emirati Women's Day 2023

Sustainability By Athari Alqaydi, Graduate Sustainability Consultant – 28 August 2023

Emirati woman wearing the traditional UAE dress while rising her hands on the sunset at a desert with the silhouette of downtown Dubai on the background.


Athari Alqaydi posing for a photo with greyish studio background and a portion of a red sofa.

Athari Alqaydi

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Annabelle Morris

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August 28th marks the eighth annual Emirati Women's Day, launched by Her Highness Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak Al Ketbi in 2015. It is a chance to celebrate the many achievements of Emirati women who are breaking barriers and reshaping industries. This year the theme ‘We Collaborate for Tomorrow,’ aligns with the UAE’s broader commitments to find innovative solutions to energy, sustainability and climate change challenges.

We spoke to Athari Alqaydi, a Graduate Sustainability Consultant in Dubai, who is passionate about driving positive change in the UAE’s built environment for a greener future.

What is the significance of Emirati Women's Day and what does it mean to you personally?

As an Emirati woman, I feel fortunate to have the constant support and trust from our leadership to nurture and refine our talent. This encouragement to learn, develop new areas of expertise, work diligently and excel in our fields also makes us proud representatives of our country. Emirati women are dreamers, believers, doers, and achievers, proving that no task is impossible. Having a special day to acknowledge our achievements is empowering and offers recognition for our continued progress in various fields.

Many Emirati women have become inspirational figures and role models for others. Could you mention a few and explain the impact they have had on you?

There are many to choose from, however two of the most inspirational women for me are Her Excellency Shamma bint Suhail Al Mazrui, the Minister of Community Development and Tayba Al Hashemi, the Chief Executive Officer of ADNOC Sour Gas. Their inspiring journeys demonstrate what is possible and encourage me to work diligently to achieve my aspirations and make a positive impact in my own life and community.

Can you share one of your favourite parts of Emirati culture?

Hospitality is at the core of the UAE's culture. Welcoming guests is not just a tradition; it's a way of life. We open our homes and hearts to visitors, offering them dates and coffee as a symbol of our genuine warmth. In our culture, making guests feel like family is a true joy, and we take pride in sharing our traditions and stories with those who come to experience our beautiful country.

How do you feel about being part of Cundall and what are your hopes for the future?

As a graduate with bachelors in sustainable and renewable energy engineering, working at Cundall, I take great pride in contributing to significant projects in the MENA region. These opportunities allow me to contribute to creating a more sustainable environment and ensuring that buildings are adapted for climate change impacts.

The UAE has always been at the forefront of women’s empowerment in the region, with women making a mark in every field. Cundall is proud to be an inclusive employer that celebrates diversity and looks forward to continually supporting Emirati women in their journey towards inspiring change for a better tomorrow.