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Rory Huston

Global Head of Knowledge Management

Rory Huston inside office in a grey shirt with blurred storage and planting background

Together we are better: our knowledge management programme enables our staff to tap into our best practice and experience, wherever that may be - in project documentation, or an engineer’s head on the other side of the Cundall Galaxy. By using our networks, tools and communities, we can access the best of our global experience on each and every project we deliver. It’s amazing how much intellect is embedded in our staff!


Our industry seeks to build environments that help users flourish. Excellence is about sharing what worked well in the design, construction and operation of our projects. We do this by talking to each other, evaluating what we do, and sharing best in class processes, to free up time to solve the harder problems.


This is the glue of what we do: bringing the collective knowledge, expertise and experience of 1,000 employees to bear on our projects is critical. I enjoy helping people collaborate and share what they are doing, so we can deliver better services for our clients.

Rory Huston in front of office windows outisde in a blue shirt

Rory Huston

Global Head of Knowledge Management


+44 (0)20 7438 1600

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