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Mrunmai Vaidya

Sustainability Consultant

Mrunmai having a conversation with Shameer in our Cundall dubai office pantry

Since university, I have had a passionate interest in sustainability and environmental conservation. I studied environmental engineering and pursued a master's degree in sustainable building technologies. Since then, I've worked extensively in the domain of sustainability and green buildings, gaining experience on significant projects in the MENA region such as Expo 2020. I joined Cundall’s sustainability team in 2021 and continually strive to make positive improvements to building designs. I am committed to finding unique, inventive, and long-term solutions to environmental challenges.

Engineering excellence

At Cundall, we are constantly striving to be at our best, applying innovative solutions that redefine the laws of the built environment. We are changing the paradigm, and becoming a part of the solution, rather than just minimising the issues associated with carbon and environmental impacts.


I enjoy working with teams across the globe, exploring alternatives to global challenges related to carbon footprint and our global environment. Through international collaboration, we create stronger teams that contribute creative ideas and perspectives to each project.

Mrunmai Vaidya

Sustainability Consultant


+971 (0)4 323 2629

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