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Jocelyn Choy

Engineer, Building Services

Jocelyn Choy presenting a diagram to a group of seated people

Problem solving has always intrigued me, so I studied mechanical engineering at university, became involved with Robogals, and was R&D Engineer on an Advanced Lower Extremity Exoskeleton project. I came to Cundall as a Graduate Mechanical Engineer, and am thriving with the constant opportunities to grow and learn from senior colleagues, as well as liaising with external stakeholders, developing my own designs and deepening my multidisciplinary digital engineering expertise.


Finding new ways to address a need or solve a problem drives me. I have been finding new uses for my coding and digital engineering skills, recently for example, writing a code script to connect two different software applications together to make the engineering calculations process more streamlined.


By working with multiple disciplines across our global network of offices, and engaging with a variety of stakeholders, we are able to optimise a project’s form and function to achieve the architect’s vision and deliver the best outcome for clients.

Jocelyn Choy standing in a blazer and white blouse, the background is a blurred street

Jocelyn Choy

Engineer, Building Services


+61 (0)3 9635 3700

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