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Jo Lacy

Consultant, Acoustics

Jo leaning on a rust red railing on a mezzanine floor in the atrium

My passion for music, learning and understanding led me to acoustics, where I achieved BEng and MSc degrees. I’ve worked with Bang & Olufsen on car audio systems, DNV-GL on explosive noise propagation (presented to the UK Explosives Liaison Group) and have spent the last three years in acoustic consultancy. Within Cundall, I am able to work at a high level while also being myself and actively supporting the affinity networks, enabling others to do the same.

Engineering excellence

Acoustics is a highly mathematical field, so it is vital to understand what the results mean. Reviewing processes during project work has resulted in updates being made to commercially available software where errors were found. Accuracy and precision in all things are of paramount importance to me, and to acoustics when developing new methods of assessing and controlling noise.


Everyone in acoustics has specific expertise - be it in a particular programme or in a specific niche within the field. We endeavour to share work globally, and learning from and communicating with those with different knowledge and experiences ensures my continual learning and leads to a higher quality of work.

Jo stood with his arms crossed behind his back in front of an exposed brick wall

Jo Lacy

Consultant, Acoustics


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