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Elisa Pacheco Castillo

HR Manager

Elisa explaining something to a colleague using her laptop.

I started my career 15 years ago after completing an Industrial Relations and Human Resources degree and have worked in multiple industries and countries. The diversity of my role is what I enjoy most – HR is constantly changing, and there is always an opportunity to make a positive difference to people. I am a passionate about building an inclusive workplace and proud to be member of our GAIN and Reconciliation Action Groups.


Every day I interact with employees from different locations, and it is important to me to build trust, give support, and make people feel heard and valued. Listening to others is a pathway to solving problems and I am fortunate to work with intelligent, friendly people who share their ideas.


Quite often, addressing people related issues requires thinking outside the box so I love coming up with creative solutions to problems. I spark my creativity by spending time listening to both leaders and employees; this is where I learn their wants and the needs, and how ideas and solutions are created.

Elisa standing against green foliage

Elisa Pacheco Castillo

HR Manager



+61 (0)2 8424 7000

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