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Andrew Bissell

Director, Lighting Design

Andrew Bissell in the office foyer with the light4 team leaning on rail

Lighting is central to how people feel and function within a space and I have enjoyed over 25 years of seeing people use the lit environments I have worked on. Having started my career installing lighting prior to graduating, I understand how to both design and install. I particularly enjoy solving those finite design details which make all the difference to the completed clarity of a space.


My lighting design philosophy is that it must respond to the architecture, the materials and the people who use the space. Daylight first before introducing architectural lighting whilst also protecting our dark skies. The lighting should also have a narrative and only exist if it is needed and adds to the beauty or function of a space. We only need to light what we want to see.


We can wait for change to happen or we can drive the change we want to see happen. I prefer the latter and enjoy the process of exploring how we can adopt new technologies and techniques to deliver better quality spaces for our clients and the occupants of spaces.

Andrew Bissell in the office with black wooden interior background

Andrew Bissell

Director, Lighting Design


+44 (0)161 244 5660

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