Vertical transportation

Cundall's vertical transportation team offers a full range of lift and escalator consultancy services. The Cundall team has in excess of 100 years of knowledge and experience in lift and escalator traffic analysis, design, installation, refurbishment, modernisation, replacement and maintenance covering all types of lifts, escalators and moving walkways.

We work in flexible roles ranging from survey of existing lifts and escalators, working with our clients to develop specifications, project management, acceptance witness testing of installations, through to whole life cycle planning and maintenance management of a portfolio of equipment. We are independent consultants and have no alliance with any specific lift or escalator companies, we are therefore able to offer solutions from the full range of available suppliers including the latest technology developments such as destination control.

Lift and escalator consultancy is a specialist field. The Cundall team consists of highly trained and experienced lift and escalator consultants with many years of experience in their field.

The services Cundall can provide are individually tailored to client’s specific requirements; Cundall has capability to work on an individual project, or as a partner on a more regular basis and available to provide expert advice for lift or escalator portfolio when needed.

Vertical transportation in buildings is a key issue for building users and tenants, breakdowns or long waiting times for a lift lead to frustration and dissatisfaction with both the lift and the building.

On a new build project, or major building refurbishment, the lift shafts takes up valuable space, with the operational success of a building being dependant on the effective transportation of people and goods between levels. It is vital that this aspect of building design receives expert consideration at an early stage of the project. The Cundall vertical transportation team achieves this by working closely with architects and developers, using state of the art lift traffic analysis software (and the knowledge and experience to interpret the results) to optimise the effective number and location of lifts and escalators within the building or development.

The lifecycle of a lift or escalator is long, although generally designed for a life cycle of around 20 years, it is quite normal for a lift or escalator to still be in use 40 or more years after its original installation. To achieve this, effective proactive maintenance is essential, coupled with repairs and refurbishment to keep up with legislative changes, equipment degradation, and changing user expectations. Cundall works with client’s to understand their needs and requirements, and ensure a comprehensive lift or escalator maintenance and repair program is defined. Following this, Cundall can assist with lift or escalator maintenance contract tendering and contractor selection, and performance monitoring of the equipment and contractor.

Cundall's vertical transportation team of lift and escalator consultants covers the whole of the UK and Ireland, as well as supporting Cundall projects around the world from our global network of offices.

Graham Barker

T +44 (0)161 914 7769

  • Surveys, audits & inspections – maintenance, dilapidation, accessibility, building sale, acquisition, installation progress and installation acceptance
  • Statutory compliance assessment and reporting
  • Traffic analysis studies and reports – new build, building refurbishment, and change of use
  • Concept and detailed design for new lift or escalator installations
  • Technical and performance specifications
  • Assessment and specification of refurbishment and modernisation of existing lifts or escalators
  • Energy use and environmental impact - assessment, report and recommendations (including BREEAM / LEED)
  • Project management of lift or escalator works
  • Installation acceptance witness testing
  • Development of client-specific maintenance contracts ensuring the performance against important KPI’s is included
  • Maintenance management