Security consultancy

Cundall’s team of security consultants provide a holistic offering to customers in order to understand the real-time security threats and risks to their people and business. This can range from a low-level crime threat including anti-social behaviour, assault, harassment and theft, to a high-level threat of terrorism.

We provide advice on how to mitigate the identified security threats and risks effectively and provide engineering design services to scope any required solutions (be them physical or electronic). This ensures they are realistic and cost effective, based on the perceived threat, and offer advice on how to operationally manage the security of their business on a day-to-day basis.

Cundall has worked on numerous prestigious projects globally where customers see security as a primary concern, rather than an afterthought. We recognise the value in employing a security consultant to help them identify their security needs and deliver their requirements throughout the project lifecycle (e.g. RIBA Plan of Work 2013 - strategic definition, prepare and brief, concept design, developed design, technical design, construction, handover / close out and in use).

Our complete offering is important, given the wider range of constantly evolving security threats that our customers, their people and their business face on a day-to-day basis. Ours and their ultimate goal is to keep their people safe, protect their business, protect their assets and maintain the continuity of their business.

Cundall has extensive experience in the built environment and the security specialism compliments the other specialist services offered – this adds value to our customers and aligns with Cundall’s vision of being a true multi-disciplinary independent consultant.

Darren Wood

T +44 (0)161 244 5660

  • Security Needs Assessments
    (BREEAM security credit)
  • Security Threat and Risk Assessments
  • Secured by design expertise
  • Physical security solutions design engineering including;
      - Security Rated Door Sets 
      - Locks and glazing
      - Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM)
  • Electronic security solutions design engineering including;
      - Video surveillance
      - Access control
      - Intruder alarm
      - Audio / video intercoms
      - Integrated security management
      - Wired or wireless data transmission
  • Fire command and security control room design
  • Operational Security Management strategies
  • Security surveys, audits and assessments
  • Emergency procedure training